Our ESG Mission

LBA continues its mission to embrace and embody environmental, social and governance policies and practices to advance the greater good, and to achieve meaningful results. Our ESG mission focuses on promoting sensible sustainability through decarbonization efforts and enhancing economic and social outcomes for our stakeholders, including team members, investors, customers, service provider partners, and the communities where we invest, live and work.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are key to our approach as we engage our stakeholders, diversify our relationships, and create opportunities for people to advance and share in the benefits generated by the organization. Similarly, our philanthropic activities play a significant role as we strive to maximize the social impact of our charitable efforts.

Sustainability, DEI and the performance of our assets, funds and portfolio strategies are fundamentally intertwined. To “Be Responsible” is an outcome driven approach that seeks to maximize positive impacts to people and the planet.

Our progress is evident in the level of responsibility we show towards our people, our properties and our communities. Adopting best practices and benchmarking our performance through third-party validation allows us to measure our results over time and demonstrates our sustained commitment.

Denver Place ESG Sheet